An angel’s perspective on Christmas

Upstairs was bright as we all prepped, this mission is a giant step

Was not our normal action plan, of praising God, defending man

Today our task is something great, the fine details would have to wait
With much to do before the time, my fellow warriors formed a line

The Master’s plan would be unveiled, the dark one’s forces to assail

Michael probably knew what’s next, I’ll just send him a quick text

Gabriel had his sword on tight, ready for commands to fight
So proud we are to serve the King, and to Him all the spoils will bring
Awaiting our Commander, ho, on His white horse He will go
Could hardly wait to see our foe, our victory will come, they know

The force of overwhelming might, fighting for the cause that’s right
And now He speaks, we humbly bow, this is it, we’re ready now

“But God,” He said, “will send me down, born as King in David’s town
I’ll become a man today, fulfill the words the prophets say
Your task today requires no sword, or other weapons,” says the Lord
“This message take to shepherds there, speak the news, make them aware
Good news has come to earth, do tell, God’s holy Son, Emmanuel
You will announce His holy birth, and thus ignite their joyous mirth
Banish their fear, and thus you’ll say, ‘God is here, be not afraid’
A special job for Gabriel, inform His parents, wish them well
The rest of you, shine glory bright, on shepherds near the star tonight
My star will guide you to the place, where you’ll perform your task this day
Light becomes mere flesh and bone, and thus the Father’s will is done
To him who will accept me thus, I’ll bring him here with all of us”

And so the miracle began, the Creator becomes fully man
Through the normal course of time, was born a baby, meek, sublime
Though nothing special they could see, He was a babe with deity
He held the stars each in their place, while He slept and dreamed of grace
While He laid there in the straw, Mary and Joseph stared in awe
Worshipped by the shepherds few, then they told all those they knew
The magi saw His glory bright, that shone up in the sky that night
They travelled far to see His face, to worship with amazing grace
Bringing gifts of gold and myrrh, and frankincense made quite a stir
With all this evidence they see, still the people won’t believe
The Savior who has paid the cost, to redeem those who are lost
We worship in His holy name, and call on men to do the same

By Justin Ogden
Copyright December 22, 2016


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