Christmas time comes ’round again, we gather with our family and friends

Anticipation all the while, will our gifts be clothes with style? 

Think of things that others need, and in that spirit, plant a seed

Gifts of love our hearts have brought, our joy to share, is what we’ve sought

Each time we stop and turn around, it seems that more food does abound

The scents they waft across the room, and becon me to go consume

Hot coffee gets us all awake, cider, egg nog stimulates

We gather in the living room, it’s where our planted seeds will bloom

Gifts we give to celebrate, the blessings given by our mate

That God’s good hand has been our aid, and cleared us of mistakes we’ve made

That stockings full of earthly things, are things to share, like heaven brings

And reminiscing all the while, with joy to see each other’s smile

Grandma’s house is where we go, for Christmas dinner, eaten slow

For sharing stories makes us pause, to hear about old Santa Claus

And stories that grandpa tells today, I will remember them always

The life he lived, the things he said, will guide us till we one day wed

Love and laughter the whole day through, just to get to be with you

The gospel music sets the tone, reminds of sin God would atone

A guitar tune thanks God for life, and strength to conquer all our strife

Laughter binds us all as one, until the day is finally done

Gifts of love are gifts from God, Emmanuel once walked our sod

He’s with us every day and hour, to teach us how to live with power

Telling folks about His way, that they can come to Him today 

Forgiveness offered, love restored, worship for a God adored

By Justin Ogden

Copyright December7, 2016


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