A cautious imagination of what God might say to a man that He has called to preach, based on the scripture.

It’s in that quiet moment that no one else can hear,

the voice of God is speaking, He holds and draws you near

It’s His purpose He’s revealing, for what He made you for,

and put you in this place to walk right through that door

It’s clear, distinct direction to follow all your life,

freedom not from conflict, freedom not from strife

My Spirit lives inside you, I’m calling you to be,

a spokesman of My message, a worshipper of Me

My calling on your life I place, to serve Me till you’re old,

and preach My word fearlessly, be confident and bold

My words will source your teaching they’ll guide your steps each day,

point others to salvation to walk the narrow way

My son, regard the scriptures, for they are truth to you,

discerner of intentions, of all you say and do

The Word is most supreme of all, it is My living will,

blessed is the man whose life is guided by it still

The Word reveals My heart to man and what I love the most,

showing forth My glory and a man who doesn’t boast

The Word tells man the penalty for breaking perfect law,

a sinner’s substitution, without a single flaw

The Word proclaims My judgement, it’s coming without fail,

those of faith will dress in white, in truth I will prevail

The Word contains the covenant of all that I will do,

a treasure that is waiting in heaven just for you

Give counsel to the searching, conviction to the weak,

instruction for the straying, and strength unto the meek

Give comfort to the weary, My rest for them today,

be healing to the wounded, My words to them you’ll say

Give blessing to the faithful, I called and they obeyed,

I’ll reward them greatly on My wedding day

Give gracious words of warning to those who know Me not,

inviting them to come, confess, and cleanse their every spot

Be caring for the hurting, protector of the fold,

keeping all the body pure as to My truth they hold

Be light upon the way for those who want to seek Me here,

in the place I’ve called you to, where I seem so near

Be no stallwart to their sinful ways, but beckon them beyond,

My truth will light their way and My word becomes their bond

By Justin Ogden

Copyright August 1, 2016


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