​Christmas is here again, this we know well (Noel), practicing so our crescendos will swell

Finding our parts and correcting what’s wrong, so we can lead out in praise anthems strong

Our leader is fearless, our leader is brave, she quiets the natives and makes them behave

So each of our parts come together as one, as praise to our maker and His holy Son

Always on mission to point folks above, God’s justice, forgiveness, and unfailing love

Whenever we make our confession of sin, mercy is waiting, the healing starts then

Telling them how we’ve been changed by it all, rescued from sin and the curse of the fall

And adding our voices in unison song, bring worship to Jesus with notes loud and long

O hear our voices ring out, while we our stories tell, 

the majesty and wonder that’s hidden in Noel;

For Jesus, He is Christmas, and we are gifts for Him, 

His heart bids us to seek the lost, we seek to rescue them;

We reach out to a searching world, drawing His elect, 

teaching them the word of God, to live life circumspect;

This choir is like a family, all we one Father share, 

bask within His presence, see His glory everywhere 

By Justin Ogden

Copyright December October 18, 2016


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