​I’ve always thought what’s done is done, what’s lost is lost, what’s won is won

Old dogs can’t learn new tricks at all, won’t like the cat or chase the ball

I’ve always known once minds are set, that changing them is one bad bet

Once people have their minds all made, their sentiments they rarely trade

“But God,” they say, had other plans, rewrote my script with sovreign hands

Called my name till He broke through, that sin I was addicted to

The things I had, I wanted not, how could I cleanse this sinful sot

Confessing all the wrong I’d done, God told me that the fight was won

That day He turned my heart to see, the truth that Jesus died for me

He paid the price for all my wrong, and now can fill my life with song

My mind was opened to the Way, that I could come to Him today

And all I had to do today, was take the terms of life His way

Commit myself to Christ right now, before His throne each day I bow

Believe He is who I can be, and ask His help so I can see

Recant my sinful ways each day, and seek out others who will say

Our God is great, our God is good, His glory seek, we always should

Then like an eager, restless boy, traded my sorrow for His joy

In His hand His goodness brings, I’ve traded Him for all His things

Now released from all my pain, to praise His holy, matchless name

Life has changed from night to day, I follow now His narrow way

My sails are trimmed, I’m tacking to, the star that I now have in view

Against the wind I make my course, seeking God who is my source

God leads us walking on the waves, our humble hearts he holds and saves

Invites us to come walk with Him, to walk by faith, not take a swim

His children have His great reward, all others reap His judgment sword

He will provide for all I need, the helpless hungry I will feed

Returning soon, He’s coming fast, the things I have on earth won’t last

So tell our friends and neighbors true, this love from God it is for you

Invite them while the offer’s good, we care for them, it’s right we should

The Lord will draw His chosen ones, and call them to be daughters, sons

The children of the mighty King, will always of His glory sing

And God will take them to the sky, in heaven forever, by and by

By Justin Ogden

Copyright October 13, 2016


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