Thanksgiving is a time of year, we gather to our families dear

And spend the time we wish we had, to daily sit and talk with dad

And smell our mother’s cooking, oh, and learn as we would watch her sew

Refreshing our old rivalries, with siblings that we’d like to see

The finery is all in place, the dinner table’s decked with grace

Turkey, dressing, dinner roll, bread and salad in a bowl

The kids ate all the cake, I’m told, so popcorn chicken a la mode

Thanksgiving is a state of heart, the path of change, today we start

Abiding where we’re called to live, our love to others we will give

Keeping our minds fixed on grace, when mercy came and took our place

Renewed in joy, just thinking of, the Spirit came down as a dove

Thanksgiving is a choice we make, daily choose its path to take

Each day we live, our choice is still, to choose to be more purpose filled

What we think, how we respond, can help lift others up beyond

Their daily challenge, help them see, what God intends for them to be

Thanksgiving is a daily act, it isn’t based on what we lack

A state of heart, a choice we make, it’s like the ice cream on the cake

It makes a difference long and wide, with attitudes we hold inside

On what we think of others, too, it lifts us up when we are blue

Returns attention to our source, the One who made us, duh, of course

He holds all things in loving hands, and helps us, when we fall, to stand

For all things we thank God now, and humbly at His feet we bow

By Justin Ogden

Copyright November 23,2016


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