Our holy God, we gather here, our sinful hearts your cleansing need

Confessing we are filled with pride, with evil motives, thoughts and deeds

But You are holy, awesome God, forgiving, Lord, You love us much

You cleanse those who before You bow, humbly request Your loving touch

We will obey Your holy word, turn sinners to your holy ways

Thus purified, with coals of fire, Your name now we lift in praise 

The Son of God exalt today, we lift Your glory high

Make much of You, the risen Lamb, Your soon return is nigh

You reach down here to where we are and walk with us each day

Your mercy’s not what we deserve, but You have made a way

We pray to You for You know all, You have a plan and work all things

Submit ourselves to Your design, Your glory’s what it always brings

Accept our worship, hands held high, we’re trusting in Your name

We trust You Lord, You never change, You’ve always been the same

By Justin Ogden

Copyright November 6,2016


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