Oh, Father God, we humbly bow, our sinful hearts before You now

Reward the time we’ve spent this week in pursuit of your holy word

Discovering new insights in Your truth, and holy longings to pursue them

Clear our minds to meditate thoughtfully on Your precepts 

Free us from distraction by earthly things, which always seek to take Your place

Remove our thoughts of self, with its dreams, ambitions and drives 

Give us the space and time to hear Your still small voice

May we concern ourselves with God being glorified, not ourselves being satisfied

Today, may our mouths be opened to bring You praise

May our mouth be opened to bring You confession of our sin

May our eyes be opened to see Your manefest presence moving among us

And as we gather together as Your temple of living stones

May Your Holy Spirit enable us to honor You, love You, and obey Your voice

As You cleanse us with the coals from Your altar, may we go in Your name

And serve in humility and love, following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son

By Justin Ogden

Copyright November 12,2016


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