Cancer is all you have to say, to take most people’s breath away

It’s cancer, yes, your faithless friend, I’ve come to visit you again

Lukemia, my dearest friend, will stay with you until the end

blood disorders on the rise, all you’re left with now is why

ongoing pain, a broken hip, these things can happen when you slip

that truck that showed up in your lane, can certainly cause you great pain

collisions, they sure don’t play nice, the broken things require some ice

sudden stopping is not good, especially not for flesh and blood

Mayhem says to everyone, that suffering is our native tongue

we’re generous and we will share, give misery beyond compare

Now sickness, we will call your bluff, ’cause we have really had enough

we limit you right here and now, you’re temporary, that is how

you’re here today and gone tomorrow, often you can bring such sorrow

but after that your power is nil, for we have God, He’s with us still

what is the worst that you can bring, just death, oh death, where is thy sting?

just now the light is dawning bright, for heaven’s coming into sight

the joy we share in our home then, erases pain we had back when

your legacy won’t last a day, eternal life washed death away

the grave is just an open door, that we walk through to so much more

but death kills cancer every time, and that’s the truth, not just a rhyme

By Justin Ogden

Copyright February 3, 2017


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