Facing down the reaper’s face, he’s come to take his rightful place
For end of life has come again, and this time to my family’s clan

The sadness comes in crashing waves, but I still know that Jesus saves

My friend is gone, I cannot speak, once more to kiss her rosy cheek

She’s moved into the great beyond, her earth-bound flesh no more responds

All appearance points to loss, some think that death has won the toss

It seems so sure, there’s no way out, the final blow has come, no doubt

The reaper reaches for the door, that ushers into evermore

But strange, a peace sweeps over me, like Someone’s there I cannot see

From death’s dark door the light peeks through, it lights my way to come to You 

The path from here gets brighter still, and I now see a holy hill

Lined with friends from days gone by, and there’s my Savior, lifted high

With worship sounding round His throne, up here I’ll never be alone

A higher life in Him I’ve found, unspeakable glories here abound

I urge you, come and meet me here, where glory shines and all is clear

Eternal hope and usefulness, incomprehensible, the bliss

By Justin Ogden


Copyright February 13, 2017


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