Easter morn, the hours drag by, our minds are full of fear; our world has quickly crumbled, where do we go from here?

what a dreadful day this is, oh God, how could this be; our people killed the son of God, upon a rugged tree

upon that tree, before us all, they raised Him up to die; and hung Him there, till noon….then darkness filled the sky

but we all fled, too scared to see, what would befall Him then; racked with sadness and despair, how strong we wished we’d been

all alone, our fear now rules this place we’re hiding in; throwing memories in our face, of our abiding sin

the devil now, he weaves his tale, he whispers in our ear; “Didn’t Jesus promise, to conquer all your fear?

did He trick you with His words, cause you to trust in Him; all His talk of wind and birds, how God provides for them?

forget Him now, His life is done, the trick he played is o’er; there’s money still in fishing, your nets can catch some more

to really live, just follow me, and I will give you more; just trust me, and you’ll have one day, the things that you’ll adore.”

The things that Jesus told us, we hadn’t figured out; the plan He had, we couldn’t see, we just heard Peter’s mouth

the miracles were glorious, they sure did set the stage; to hear Him teach while He was here, but now we’ve turned the page

we couldn’t see how it made sense, this ending that we had; our Cornerstone was missing now, and everything looked bad

By early morn, the sorrow still hung on every face; but glad the soldiers had not found our darkened hiding place

the women took their spices to the garden where He lay; as they walked they wondered, and then they spoke to say

“Who will move the stone for us, it’s heavy and it’s big; and we did not bring any tool with which we all could dig

we’ll trust the Lord to help us, and show to us the way; that’s what we’ve done in troubled times, let’s stop and bow to pray.”

The early dawn did light their way, a cry, they stopped, what for? the sun shown through the cloud bank, on the tomb, the open door

they covered up their mouth, the stone was rolled away; and all could see that His body was not there today

saddened by the thought, that they took Him from their sight; the pain and tears just added more sadness to their plight

Mary stood there weeping, she really loved Him so; the others sensed her need to grieve, so they turned to go

just to hear His gentle voice, what I wouldn’t give; power, love and joy He gave, that we might really live

His life He gave, and those He touched, He healed us from within; and now alone, we carry on, struggling hard within

to see His plan, what should we do, where do we go from here? His shoe is now upon our foot, how could He seem so near?

Oh, the gardner, he should know, “Where did they move Him hence?” Jesus simply called her name and watched for her to wince

“Mary,” Jesus said to her, and now she saw Him clear; “Hold not to me, but go and tell my brothers I Am here.”

come meet me up in Galilee, in our old stomping ground; we’ll talk about what happens next, when you all gather round

walking ten feet off the ground, now Mary hurried on; for the Son had risen, and it was no longer dawn!

once inside their hiding place, the truth she boldly shared; that Jesus now was risen, He had spoken to her there

at first they would believe her not, for they had seen Him die; but the power of her words convinced some they should try

what if what she said was true, what if it was so? after death, could He live now, and melt their hearts like snow?

“I’ll take the chance”, said Peter, as he hurried out the door; “I’ll see if He’s come back, to lead us now, once more.”

we traveled on together, the two of us were fleet; those years we spent with Jesus, they were awesome, yes, and sweet

the confidence He gave us and the stories that He told; telling others of our savior, to witness, we were bold

as we approached the garden we were both on high alert; watching for the soldiers and their footprints in the dirt

but the tomb was standing wide, an empty place to see; and inside, John said, “The cloth! The place where He should be!”

then the angel on the stone, said “Jesus told you so; the living aren’t among the dead, that’s something you should know.”

The road was long, our feet were tired, the sandals hurt our feet; around the bend we saw a man, a stranger we did meet

all the events of the last week had really worn us down; that is why we thought it strange, His face, it had no frown

as we talked, the words He said sure stimulated us; He made us think more deeply, to generate some trust

it was His new perspective that warmed our ailing hearts; it seems we were short sighted, put the horse behind the cart

from the word, the truth He drew, that pointed out the way; that Jesus had to suffer, die, and pay for sin that way

we wanted to hear more of this, and urged Him to come in; and sitting there around the meal, saw Jesus once again!

He lifted up the broken the bread, and called to God in prayer; just like Jesus – it was Him! I saw Him standing there!

then from our sight He vanished, but to our hearts was true; we ran back to the city, that’s what we had to do; 

the others had just heard themselves, His tomb was open wide; we all knew what had happened, He lives although He died!

He is alive, and living, in our hearts as you can see; and that means all is well, no matter what, for you and me

If man can’t kill Him, nothing else can stop us now, we know; that God has power to do things that man cannot, now go

and tell it now, shout it out, for all who now will hear; that our savior Jesus Christ is coming back, let’s cheer! 

By Justin Ogden


Copyright March 17, 2016


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