Based on 2 Chronicles 7:12-18

If My people, those I’ve called, who bear My name although they fall

I lift them up and bear them through, make their steps both sure and true

When they humbly seek My face, and rest here in My warm embrace

If they’ll come to Me and pray, and spend some time with Me each day

Pursue their sinful ways no more, act like those who know the Lord

From heaven’s throne I’ll hear their cry, and relent from all My might 

I will forgive the wrong they’ve done, through payment from My only Son

Their sin is cleansed, their judgements cease, their land can then return to peace

Bring healing and restore them to, the place of blessing they once knew

So faithful to the Lord remain, and all My ways do not disdain

For My eyes see every heart, and your thoughts, I know each part

Obey each day and seek My face, confess your wrong, give sin no place

But seek reward from My right hand, and have some courage like a man

My strength I give on your request, to live for God and do what’s best

My people know Me, speak my tongue, work to make My will be done

By Justin Ogden 

Copyright March 15, 2017


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