Rain Down

The ground is dry around my feet, so tired of working, need to rest

To meet my needs, I’m trying hard, still I do not have God’s best

It seems I’m fruitless where I am, this field I’ve worked, it shows no life

Oh, the joy, when God was leading, constant joy, not endless strife

Lord, today I’m finally asking, what is it we’re missing now?

Show us what we need to fix, as before Your throne we bow

We’ve checked all of our little boxes, but we haven’t seen You move

We feel like a baseball team, who hasn’t got a single glove

My little children, you’re relying, on a method cast in stone

But I work through something better, it relies on flesh and bone

Through My children I am working, bringing glory to My Name

Reaching to the world beyond them, loving everyone the same

Renew your time with Me alone, seek Me as a hidden jewel

Time in silence helps to sharpen, effectiveness just like a tool

I’ll tell you what your thoughts should be, and all the words that you should say

I’ll guide your feet along your path, to touch each one you meet today

The way of life is not a method, that you write inside a book

Not a thing that you can fix, like you could hang it on a hook

The life I give is through the vine, you must be connected there

The difference is from night to day, you’ll have strength enough to spare

Love for God is your first duty, let it come authentically

Read My word and it will cleanse you, fill your mind so you can see

Keep Me first in time and honor, witness through your actions true

Your reward is now awaiting, its amount depends on you

Love yourself enough to serve Me, Who could bring you more reward?

Now for meaning you are searching, fear has tied you, cut the cord

Hesitation makes you lose out, on what I could do with you

Reaching people, with the message, that I really love them too

Be the hand that cares to reach them, touching them right where they are

Be the mouth that speaks to teach them, leads their minds to think and spar

Be the feet that want to go to, just the place you need to be

Be the eyes that catch the vision, share with them so they can see

Be the tree beside the water, daily from its river draw

All you need is new each morning, resourced to live out your call

Walk with Me along the way, then step out onto the wave

Give your all into My hand, watch Me work and see Me save

Noah built the ark by faith, in the desert filled with sin

though he had not seen the rain, he trusted Him Who reigns within

My fruitfulness depends on God, He uses whom He has prepared

He plants my feet where He is working, and bids me join Him if I dare

The prophet called out to dry bones, the God of Life calls to His own

Trust Me when you cannot see, I control the seed that’s sown

In the darkness, you don’t see Me, walking with you through the storm

As the rain begins to pour, we walk together arm in arm 

By Justin Ogden


Copyright April 27, 2017


Following God’s Call

From the first day of creation, God’s work is plainly seen, 

through all the plants and animals, with rain, it all turned green

Mankind was the best thing that God had ever made, 

redemption’s plan at this point was already laid

His calling is immutable unto His own elect, 

and with them He will build His church, a humble, holy sect

His calling is upon those who know and serve Him well, 

they all submit to suffer, the gospel thus to tell

My life to give in service, devoted to my King, 

all my talents focused on the praises I will bring

For His path is higher than what I see from here, 

and His love is deeper, it always draws me near

Opportunities that I have are given from above, 

just to show to someone else the greatness of His love

To bring to someone’s mind, to reach into the dark, 

and ignite a ready soul who’s looking for a spark

Push me out from my comfort zone, to where You’re working now, 

Your spirit works in wondrous ways and I can’t explain how

Your holy name be lifted high and we will bring You praise, 

You write our names upon Your hands, You number all our days

You vanquish all Your enemies who fall at just Your word, 

Your eye is on the sparrow, the flight of one small bird

Sharing with a baker about the living bread, 

keeping truth succinct enough to get inside his head

Loving those who know not love and sharing Your great plan, 

helping them to understand the gulf Your grace did span

For our sin has fixed a gulf, beyond which we can’t go, 

but Your truth has been revealed, the love of God we know

By Justin Ogden


Copyright August 30, 2016