Today you stand up straight and tall, together tearing down the wall

Forgiveness poured on every brick, which out the door you both will kick

And buried in the deepest sea, together now, you both can see

Offenses can hurt more with time, but that’s decided in your mind

Release and let them go to God, He will accept them with a nod

These all were paid for on the cross, His awesome price was not our loss

Ask God to help you act in love, be ever gentle, as a dove

God’s blessing is this mate you have, use His word, apply the salve

Restore to God, the One you trust, on Him rely, each day we must

Daily growing in God’s word, rejoicing in the truth we’ve heard

Restore the love you had that day, your bride came down the isle that way

Enraptured was your heart with her, you knew how to make her purr

Restore your family, help them know, God’s power to change and make things grow

God’s power in you, yes they will see, the dad that God made you to be

Restore your church, and help them seek, for God gives power to the meek

Lead them all to forsake sin, seeking, praising, serving Him

By Justin Ogden

Copyright July 11, 2017 


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