Inspired by the song, “In the presence of Jehovah”

His presence is here and envelops us now,
It fills up our hearts as before Him we bow
Intangible essence rides upon spirit wing,
Inspiring our hearts, lifting voices to sing
Our baited expectancy, is manifest here,
We’re wanting to hear Him, and see Him appear
The light from His holy and glorious face,
Illumines us all right here in this place
The power of His light is so great we are awed,
And heals our whole being, His praises we laud

We taste of eternity here in His embrace,
Endowed with His wisdom, caressing His face
His presence is glorious, His presence is sweet,
It just overwhelms and sweeps us off our feet
Our petitions we bring before His holy throne,
For care and provision for those He calls His own
To carry out His kingdom will, His purpose to pursue,
His love to share with every man, that’s shown through me and you
His glory is above the heavens, His fame it fills the sky,
Incredible, His love for us, we can’t imagine why

His perfect will will yet be done,
As members of His body function as one
Disjointed in unity and seeking for naught,
Instead of God’s glory, as we know we ought
The peace of His presence is real to us now,
Brings us great blessings, we’re not sure quite how
Dipped in His glory, immersed in His love,
Redeemed by His mercy, our home is above.
Redeemed as mere sinners, He has sent us to tell,
The truth of the gospel, with our souls it is well

By Justin Ogden
Copyright February 14, 2018


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