Over the Ocean with skies oh so blue
I ponder my time here and I’m missing you
I wait for the lines or the words to a song
The rhythm of rhyming that pulls me along
My space is so limited to just my one seat
In the bathroom there’s room to just stand on my feet
We’re high up to heaven and the earth looks so small
Not a place people live but a painting on the wall

God’s perspective is different, and His thoughts are not ours
God fills up the heavens it’s too small for His power
His vastness is hidden in infinite space
And the bright glow of wonder in a learning child’s face
God reaches through heavens and eons of time
To whisper my name and meet me on His dime
It boggles my mind to consider his ways
But God knows and plans all details of my days

He’s the wisdom of nations and the help of the weak
And He gives all His kingdom to those who are meek
God controls kings and princes with whispers of truth
And fills up the hearts of His children with youth
God restores to the broken and wipes away our tears
Brings meaning and purpose to our wasted years
Creation itself brings just glimpses of God
But He walks beside us each step that we trod

By Justin Ogden
Copyright July 16, 2018


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