Ironing Board Lessons #4

Mom’s life lessons on God’s providence

To boys, a rock is just a thing, sometimes we try to make it zing
Or drop it in a water pond, or in our pocket, will abscond
Or toss it at a distant tree, it’s lots of fun for you and me
Sometimes ideas just percolate, and good or bad, they seem like fate
Let’s steal some ice cream from the fridge, let’s drop a rock from off the bridge
Let’s do the things that sound like fun, if trouble comes, then we’ll just run

Mom’s dear daughter got her way, to ride up in the front today
Beside her mom who loved her so, and often smiled and told her, though
Her brothers on her oft would turn, and her forgiveness they must earn
For treating her with such disdain, and causing her such endless pain
A mother’s work, it’s often said, wake up the kids, get washed and fed
So off to church we’re going now, perhaps things will go smoothly, POW!

No warning, lesson learned to late, no chance to stop, to extricate
That wasn’t what we meant to do, ‘twas just for fun, we thought it true
The stone we dropped from our hand here, it broke the glass by Mother’s dear
As falling things accelerate, it made the sound that we both hate
We knew then that we would get caught, our aim is better than we thought
From now on, rocks stay in the pond, of cars and bridges we’re not fond

The tiny specks of shining light, flew from the hole up on the right
And they traversed the open space, between the windshield and her face
As I considered who’s at fault, Mom brought the car to a quick halt
Expecting to hear cries and fear, she turned to see my sister dear
Then their eyes met and Mother wept, the glass from her eyes had been kept
Thankful, looking to the skies, that angels covered both her eyes

God’s present with us every day, though we don’t sense or see His way
Life changing things can happen quick, and lessons that we learn will stick
God’s not a genie that we call, but He protects His children, all
He does not keep them from all pain, but He will maximize their gain
Be with them through their sorrows deep, and in His fold will safely keep
Those who trust can safely dare, to follow their God anywhere

By Justin Ogden
Copyright March 3, 2018


On Heaven

One day soon from earth you’ll go, where you’ll be, I hope you know

Spend a moment now with me, to see the place I hope you see

You don’t want the other place, where pain and darkness fill the space

See the light that’s from above, filled and flowing with God’s love

Ought you should go there instead, make the choice inside your head

Free from sin, your eyes will rise, behold His glory in the skies

To see the One who loves you so, who gave His life so you could go

His home to share up in the sky, and one day learn the reason why

His love He chose to give us here, that freed us from the grip of fear

We don’t deserve to even see, what by His power we can be

His smiling face to us He shows, and all His grace on us bestows

We the angels do behold, hear our stories now unfold

What the angels see always, heaven functions as God says

Walking through the pearl gates, three each way they open face

God upon the throne up high, Jesus seated by His side

Holy, holy ’round the throne, praises go to You alone

Cherubim with wings that fly, while covered, lift Your name up high

And we, like Ezekiel, comprehend what words can’t tell

Dark forces now will spend their might, deceiving folks with their fake light

But their time is running down, with every soul that’s saved they frown

Serving God is our reward, with the chance to use our sword

We await the word of God, at His beckon call we nod

Accomplishing our given task, in His glory now we bask

God inhabits everything, all His people join to sing

Salvation’s song they loud proclaim, loudly singing Jesus’ name

How we were redeemed from sin, God sent His son to save us then

Celebrate the mystery of how the church has come to be

Free from sin we now will stand, in heaven holding Jesus’ hand

Rewards await for earthly loss, things we gave up for the boss

Introducing those we’ve brought, whom Jesus’ blood has fully bought

God has jobs for you and me, working in eternity

Wondrous things await us now, low before His throne we bow

Knowledge of the higher things, the mind of Christ to us now brings

God’s revealed plan now complete, what’s next? hold on to your seat

By Justin Ogden

Copyright October 1, 2015

Light Brigade

An angel’s perspective on Christmas

Upstairs was bright as we all prepped, this mission is a giant step

Was not our normal action plan, of praising God, defending man

Today our task is something great, the fine details would have to wait
With much to do before the time, my fellow warriors formed a line

The Master’s plan would be unveiled, the dark one’s forces to assail

Michael probably knew what’s next, I’ll just send him a quick text

Gabriel had his sword on tight, ready for commands to fight
So proud we are to serve the King, and to Him all the spoils will bring
Awaiting our Commander, ho, on His white horse He will go
Could hardly wait to see our foe, our victory will come, they know

The force of overwhelming might, fighting for the cause that’s right
And now He speaks, we humbly bow, this is it, we’re ready now

“But God,” He said, “will send me down, born as King in David’s town
I’ll become a man today, fulfill the words the prophets say
Your task today requires no sword, or other weapons,” says the Lord
“This message take to shepherds there, speak the news, make them aware
Good news has come to earth, do tell, God’s holy Son, Emmanuel
You will announce His holy birth, and thus ignite their joyous mirth
Banish their fear, and thus you’ll say, ‘God is here, be not afraid’
A special job for Gabriel, inform His parents, wish them well
The rest of you, shine glory bright, on shepherds near the star tonight
My star will guide you to the place, where you’ll perform your task this day
Light becomes mere flesh and bone, and thus the Father’s will is done
To him who will accept me thus, I’ll bring him here with all of us”

And so the miracle began, the Creator becomes fully man
Through the normal course of time, was born a baby, meek, sublime
Though nothing special they could see, He was a babe with deity
He held the stars each in their place, while He slept and dreamed of grace
While He laid there in the straw, Mary and Joseph stared in awe
Worshipped by the shepherds few, then they told all those they knew
The magi saw His glory bright, that shone up in the sky that night
They travelled far to see His face, to worship with amazing grace
Bringing gifts of gold and myrrh, and frankincense made quite a stir
With all this evidence they see, still the people won’t believe
The Savior who has paid the cost, to redeem those who are lost
We worship in His holy name, and call on men to do the same

By Justin Ogden
Copyright December 22, 2016