Guardian Hearts

Title copied from Major Max Geron’s article, “Reflections by a Dallas police officer.” 
In response to shootings of police officers around the nation

Faithful men together serve, protecting us, they have the nerve

Facing down what we would not, sometimes they have to fire a shot

Desire to help and lend a hand, put on the shield and take a stand

Punish crime and do what’s right, they’re serving late into the night

Pursuing justice at all costs, praying zero lives are lost

Their families love and wish their best, on those who daily don the vest

Their hope’s reborn with each new day, that they will make it through the fray

Their loved ones can’t with certainty, know they’ll come back home to be

Their father, mother, husband, wife, that they have known most all their life

They daily dread that phone call, brief, officer down, they’re left with grief

Out on patrol, they do their best, to be alert for each behest

Supermen and women too, all take the heat for what they do

Accountable to every one, for all their battles, lost or won

No secret foe that they can’t meet, while they’re walking on their beat

Good examples that they are, impact lives both near and far

The hope we had back years ago, is melting like a lava flow

It seems this world is headed down, from peace to war, it’s dying frown

God’s law today is worthless to, those who want to take from you

Protect us now from worthless men, who hate their fathers, not their sin

Their rebellion eggs them on, they reject God’s only Son

The call comes in and out they go, how will it end, they do not know

When threats exist they man their post, it’s public safety they want most

Protecting all who come their way, no matter what they have to say

When others freeze, they will respond, they give their best, their word’s their bond

Facing down both gun and knife, giving life for valued life

By Justin Ogden

Copyright July 1, 2016

One Good Word


One good word is yours to say, to help a friend along their way

A chosen sound that leaves your lip, to help them when they’ve hit a dip

To you, it’s really no big deal, but to them, it’s very real

Words have power, that’s evident, to our mouths that power is lent

Mental blocks are swept away, by what we tell ourselves today

Our words will impact others here, and often times we speak them dear

And other times in anger rent, it takes much work to mend and splint

But sometimes, just a single word, can mend a heart and change what’s heard

Attitudes get worse or improve, based on what we would behoove

Choices, like the things we say, can impact others every today

So if you meet a hurting soul, give a word like a dinner roll

Choose them wisely, keep them brief, and they won’t bring you too much grief

Change a heart; change a life, words can put an end to strife

So be the picture of God’s grace, speak His word and seek His face

For our time is limited, that good word starts inside your head

So think of things both true and just, and speak them when you may, you must

And watch the fruit that your words bear, they’ll be your reward up there

And one day when you’re down and out, and all you want to do is pout

All the words you’ve given away, will come back to your heart to stay

Outlook altered, motivation, we’re acting like we’ve had vacation

One good word, encouragement

Unto you the power is lent

By Justin Ogden

Copyright August 12,2016