The Magi Meet the Maker

Christmas from the wise man’s perspective – from Matthew 2

We watch the stars, we know them well, we know their path and what they tell
The prophet spoke of Jacob’s star, His scepter rose and here we are
The stars they speak, in their own tongue, they tell about the Holy One
We read the story in the sky, we trek to find Him by and by
Though rich in treasure, we’re poor in love, the One we seek is from above
Each day our excitement grows, to meet this King that we don’t know

The story that we’ve heard is true, this King has come for me and you
To shine the light just like the star, to show us what and where we are
And draw us to the Holy Child, Who leads us onward, meek and mild
Our eyes of faith have brought us far, through many lands to where we are
And now it is obscured from view, where will we go, what will we do?
This King is great, this King is strong, His home’s a castle, can that be wrong?

Behold a city now appears, it’s fortified, is His castle here?
Do people know, have these folks seen, this King, the Lord of everything?
King Herod is still the king here, sir, the people say, in frightened words
Alas, they have not heard the news, they cannot seen the star in view
They have not seen His holy light, they do not seek the King tonight
Let’s check in with King Herod now, perhaps he’s heard the news somehow

Now Herod asks where we are from, we’ve come to seek the Holy One
From lands afar and kingdoms east, we’ve come to worship at His feet
Where is the King Whose star is bright, and do you know His name tonight?
It seems Herod’s on shaky ground, asks his advisors where He’s found
The prophets say in Bethlehem, is born to you the great I Am
So go and seek, and then when you, have found Him, tell me, I’ll come too

Outside the city, oh joyous sight, we once again beheld His light
Our course is set upon that star, we once again know where we are
Our next stop is the great I Am, Whose humble home is Bethlehem
We slow, and approach haltingly, to compose ourselves for what will be
Prepare our gift, prepare our heart, that is the most important part
We humbly toward His presence go, worship the One we want to know

Almighty Maker of the star, has come to dwell here where we are
The universe’s Creator soul, has come to seek and make us whole
With words of truth and gentle touch, He shows us that God loves us much
Creator, Judge of all the earth, is here to serve and give us worth
As children of the great high King, we gather here His praise to sing
And those who seek Him in this place, will come to know Him face to face

As we came before Him there, the gifts we brought could not compare
Expecting less, receiving more, from this Child that we adore
No horse, or throne, nor even crown, no fortress with His guards around
His royal presence, displayed full view, outshined all of the kings we knew
This child did not presume this role, this King’s authentic in His soul
Earthly kings their treasure hold, but this King loves, His gifts unfold

Although we’re regal in attire, His royalty trumped us by a mile
Though in a humble home He is, He’s born to rule, wherever He lives
The gold we gave was what we were, the richest men upon the earth
The resin tears of frankincense, used on the altar as insense
And Myrrh, the aromatic spice, for health and healing, sacrifice
Though we gave gifts, He gave us more, a purpose worth living for

Transfixed, our gaze upon His face, no child before has had such grace
His knowing eyes revealed my soul, how sinful choices took their toll
Mistakes I’d made and then forgot, alas, they were forgiven not
We asked for His forgiveness there, our voices trembling in despair
And then it washed up over me, cleared my mind, His peace I see
Redeemed my heart, so I could say, I know my life was changed today

Although we came to give a crown, the peace He gave us still abounds
It overflows our hearts with grace, it heals us right here in this place
Our joy is full, our hearts are light, we will talk about this King all night
And share this news with all we meet, so they can worship at His feet
As we prepared to then depart, God spoke in visions to our heart
We will not go to Herod’s house, return home by another route

Our hearts were changed by worship true, true worship will change your life too
This invitation is good for one, each one must come to meet God’s Son
If you’re seeking, come today, let nothing stop you or delay
Your greatest treasure is here to find, commune each day and with Him dine
Ambassadors to speak His name, His love to share, we tell His fame,
Our faith in God now ever sure, His loving care makes us secure

By Justin Ogden
Copyright December 17, 2017


Just Like Dad

For dads who have lost their dad

This boy was born to be my son, and right now he’s the only one
This Christmas it is bittersweet, to see him playing at my feet
Reminds me of my times with dad, and all the great times that we had
And though he’s absent from us here, this Christmas time God’s peace seems near
The spirit that he formed in me, is the kind of dad I want to be
I’ve walked his footsteps, now I see, that my boy’s doing that to me

In dad’s place now, I have the Lord, I have His love, His truth, His word
Shaping me for my next task, to know His will, I simply ask
To teach my son that God gave His, and that today He truly lives
And wants to live inside of us, and make our lives so joyous
God give me a disciple’s role, I trust in You, please make me whole
And we will live for You alone, to bring You glory, make Your know

By Justin Ogden
Copyright Dec 10, 2017

-A Christmas Family Legacy

​‘Twas December of sixty-nine, at Grandma’s house the fudge was fine

Daddy drove there through the night, with coffee, and with all his might

And Momma helped him stay awake, she would read and feed him cake

All the cousins gathered there, with food and presents everywhere

In one house we’d all abide, all pile in for a spider ride

Hats and gloves, and scarves as well, where would we go? We couldn’t tell

The city dump where we could smell, the graveyard where we rest a spell

The engine’s roar, the muffler loud, it was cold, but we were proud

Our family with a car unique, Hey, I think I know that street!

We wildly greet all those in sight, then home to warm up for the night

The crackling fire it warmed us well, and around it, stories we would tell

Of days gone by, and raising kids, of cars we bought and auction bids

Chestnuts roasted on the pan above, a scent that filled the house with love

With Grandpa out the door we’d go, to get more sticks to make it glow

The fire, the rug, the memories dear, all help to keep our loved ones near

The dishes that Grandma painted herself, look as if they were done by an elf

Little red roses, and yellow ones too, pretty gold accents with highlights of blue

Collecting yardsticks, he had a lot, when I asked to have one, he said you may not

A game of Rummikub might last all day, their friends would even come over to play

Cooking some steaks on the barbecue grill, the taste and aroma remains with me still

The clocks that ticked and chimed all night, kept us awake till morning bright

Each clock was set each hour to chime, so Grandpa could always tell time

Hand made puzzles filled his shelves, a challenge we could try ourselves

The Sound of Music was on the screen, at the Coleman Theater, it was keen

The smoke in circles, grew in size, from Uncle Charlie’s pipe did rise

In the kitchen, soup was made, aunts were welcome, laughter stayed

Ingredients were added to, relationships that bloomed and grew

The counter space was taken up, with stories shared and measuring cups

The love they nurtured in our heart, as each one gave and did their part

Then ring the bell, alert the crowd, the piece de resistance is served now

The table’s set, and what a spread, it’s way beyond a buttered bread

The salad, fixings, roasted pig, an apple in its mouth, can you dig?

Onions, green beans, taters too, candied yams and turkey, whew

Cranberry salad, croissant rolls, for sure we will eat all of those

Chocolate cake and pecan pie, bread crumbs, gravy, my, my, my

Our handmade stockings hanging there, filled with games to play and share

A silver coin was down inside, among the nuts it tried to hide

Shelves of cars, were on the wall, we could not touch them, not at all

Sentinels of childhood times, of Christmas time and nursery rhymes

Around the tree, we gather there, where joy and laughter fill the air

Piles of toys around the tree, which one of them could be for me?

The baby boy hands out the things, that parents in their wisdom bring

Exchanging love with family dear, and cars with wheels that we can steer

Chess boards, dolls, a model plane, tinker toys, a hoist and crane

Entertained the whole day long, then top it off with joy and song

At church, our family filled a pew, and felt like we belonged there, too

Shared love for God through hymns we sang, and hummed along while church bells rang

Watched Grandpa put his money in, the plate they passed from end to end

Learned to say Amen with force, responding to the sermon’s course

We fellowshipped around God’s word, His love for us is what we heard

Now decades later we look back, not a blessing did we lack

The power of that time we shared, God’s pardon for the times we erred

The values that our parents taught, have never truly come to naught

God’s truth lived out in lives back when, leads us today as He did then

Our legacy, be ever true, to point our kids, oh God, to You

By Justin Ogden

Copyright December 4, 2016

Light Brigade

An angel’s perspective on Christmas

Upstairs was bright as we all prepped, this mission is a giant step

Was not our normal action plan, of praising God, defending man

Today our task is something great, the fine details would have to wait
With much to do before the time, my fellow warriors formed a line

The Master’s plan would be unveiled, the dark one’s forces to assail

Michael probably knew what’s next, I’ll just send him a quick text

Gabriel had his sword on tight, ready for commands to fight
So proud we are to serve the King, and to Him all the spoils will bring
Awaiting our Commander, ho, on His white horse He will go
Could hardly wait to see our foe, our victory will come, they know

The force of overwhelming might, fighting for the cause that’s right
And now He speaks, we humbly bow, this is it, we’re ready now

“But God,” He said, “will send me down, born as King in David’s town
I’ll become a man today, fulfill the words the prophets say
Your task today requires no sword, or other weapons,” says the Lord
“This message take to shepherds there, speak the news, make them aware
Good news has come to earth, do tell, God’s holy Son, Emmanuel
You will announce His holy birth, and thus ignite their joyous mirth
Banish their fear, and thus you’ll say, ‘God is here, be not afraid’
A special job for Gabriel, inform His parents, wish them well
The rest of you, shine glory bright, on shepherds near the star tonight
My star will guide you to the place, where you’ll perform your task this day
Light becomes mere flesh and bone, and thus the Father’s will is done
To him who will accept me thus, I’ll bring him here with all of us”

And so the miracle began, the Creator becomes fully man
Through the normal course of time, was born a baby, meek, sublime
Though nothing special they could see, He was a babe with deity
He held the stars each in their place, while He slept and dreamed of grace
While He laid there in the straw, Mary and Joseph stared in awe
Worshipped by the shepherds few, then they told all those they knew
The magi saw His glory bright, that shone up in the sky that night
They travelled far to see His face, to worship with amazing grace
Bringing gifts of gold and myrrh, and frankincense made quite a stir
With all this evidence they see, still the people won’t believe
The Savior who has paid the cost, to redeem those who are lost
We worship in His holy name, and call on men to do the same

By Justin Ogden
Copyright December 22, 2016