New Life

Celebrating life with the ministry of pregnancy resource centers

From the beginning it ever was, Life itself was never born

Always existed as Creator, from His hand the world was formed

According to His master plan, before all time, created we

In the image of the Godhead, of His Son He made us be

Product of a parent’s oneness, joy they can bring to our heart

Through the path of life’s decisions, the joy they bring is just the start

With value not in gold or silver, their personhood is more than that

Their value is what the Maker gave, the price He paid is where it’s at

Our value, it just can’t compare, to anything we have down here

Our lives are spent seeking His face, our purpose is to just draw near

The value of a life that’s given, up for God’s abundant use

Is a life that’s worth the living, with treasure we will never lose

The life of Jesus is the template, for what our children could achieve

If our faith is strong enough to show to them how to believe

Obedience to His command is just the path that we must go

Follow Him whate’er the cost, commitment to God we will show

One holy Child came to this world, His Father’s will to simply do

His mission to redeem the lost ones, reached out in love and He saved you

One life that’s given to the Maker, what then would He now create

A heart of praise unto the Father, a gift of love and not of hate

By Justin Ogden

Copyright March 9, 2017

Naomi’s Blessing

Ruth 1:9, 16-18; 4:17

Urge me not to leave you now, or keep from following you

For where you go, I will go, and I will lodge there too

Your people have become my own, your land has turned to mine

Your God has captured my own heart, I’ve told Him “I am thine”

I’ll be beside you all your days, until your final day

I’ll save a place beside you there, and that is where I’ll lay

Naomi’s blessing, fitly given, provides a home, as said

And for herself gets tears of joy, as she now holds Obed

By Justin Ogden

Copyright February 18, 2017

Called to be Oogie’s Wife

Darlene told a friend that she believed her calling was to be Oogie’s wife

Mom believed God was leading you:

Believing God was leading you, to do the things He called you to

She took the chance to be a part, of something that could change the heart

of children there within her reach, or strangers walking on the beach

by living Christianity, for those around to hear and see

and often as she’s helping you, she’d use the skills God gave her too

Where ‘ere you go she’s by your side, together face what ‘ere betide

She followed with you all this time, faithful to stay right in line

Countless lives you’ve touched, and may, be her reward up there today

Mom believed God was leading her:

Her guiding hand and saving grace made our home a saving place

Protect her family, do what’s right, her goal was always shine the light

She team taught us in Sunday School, fun in learning was the rule

Her goal was always help you in, what you were moved to do within

Believed you needed godly kids, who knew God’s ways and what He did

Her life was filled with simple things, happiness and what it brings

Planting gardens, soccer games, reading books and tending flames

She took the life that she’d been given, fought the fight, then moved to heaven

By Justin Ogden

Copyright January 29, 2017

-A Christmas Family Legacy

​‘Twas December of sixty-nine, at Grandma’s house the fudge was fine

Daddy drove there through the night, with coffee, and with all his might

And Momma helped him stay awake, she would read and feed him cake

All the cousins gathered there, with food and presents everywhere

In one house we’d all abide, all pile in for a spider ride

Hats and gloves, and scarves as well, where would we go? We couldn’t tell

The city dump where we could smell, the graveyard where we rest a spell

The engine’s roar, the muffler loud, it was cold, but we were proud

Our family with a car unique, Hey, I think I know that street!

We wildly greet all those in sight, then home to warm up for the night

The crackling fire it warmed us well, and around it, stories we would tell

Of days gone by, and raising kids, of cars we bought and auction bids

Chestnuts roasted on the pan above, a scent that filled the house with love

With Grandpa out the door we’d go, to get more sticks to make it glow

The fire, the rug, the memories dear, all help to keep our loved ones near

The dishes that Grandma painted herself, look as if they were done by an elf

Little red roses, and yellow ones too, pretty gold accents with highlights of blue

Collecting yardsticks, he had a lot, when I asked to have one, he said you may not

A game of Rummikub might last all day, their friends would even come over to play

Cooking some steaks on the barbecue grill, the taste and aroma remains with me still

The clocks that ticked and chimed all night, kept us awake till morning bright

Each clock was set each hour to chime, so Grandpa could always tell time

Hand made puzzles filled his shelves, a challenge we could try ourselves

The Sound of Music was on the screen, at the Coleman Theater, it was keen

The smoke in circles, grew in size, from Uncle Charlie’s pipe did rise

In the kitchen, soup was made, aunts were welcome, laughter stayed

Ingredients were added to, relationships that bloomed and grew

The counter space was taken up, with stories shared and measuring cups

The love they nurtured in our heart, as each one gave and did their part

Then ring the bell, alert the crowd, the piece de resistance is served now

The table’s set, and what a spread, it’s way beyond a buttered bread

The salad, fixings, roasted pig, an apple in its mouth, can you dig?

Onions, green beans, taters too, candied yams and turkey, whew

Cranberry salad, croissant rolls, for sure we will eat all of those

Chocolate cake and pecan pie, bread crumbs, gravy, my, my, my

Our handmade stockings hanging there, filled with games to play and share

A silver coin was down inside, among the nuts it tried to hide

Shelves of cars, were on the wall, we could not touch them, not at all

Sentinels of childhood times, of Christmas time and nursery rhymes

Around the tree, we gather there, where joy and laughter fill the air

Piles of toys around the tree, which one of them could be for me?

The baby boy hands out the things, that parents in their wisdom bring

Exchanging love with family dear, and cars with wheels that we can steer

Chess boards, dolls, a model plane, tinker toys, a hoist and crane

Entertained the whole day long, then top it off with joy and song

At church, our family filled a pew, and felt like we belonged there, too

Shared love for God through hymns we sang, and hummed along while church bells rang

Watched Grandpa put his money in, the plate they passed from end to end

Learned to say Amen with force, responding to the sermon’s course

We fellowshipped around God’s word, His love for us is what we heard

Now decades later we look back, not a blessing did we lack

The power of that time we shared, God’s pardon for the times we erred

The values that our parents taught, have never truly come to naught

God’s truth lived out in lives back when, leads us today as He did then

Our legacy, be ever true, to point our kids, oh God, to You

By Justin Ogden

Copyright December 4, 2016