I Surrender Me

On coming to the place of willing uncertainty with God

Come today and follow Me, relax your grip and you can see

The things that I could do with one, who fully trusts and loves My Son

Not based upon your skills at all, the part you play, it is quite small

The work is by My hand, divine, and all the glory, it is Mine

My work begins inside of you, I see that there is much to do

You’ll rely upon My word, you’ll find your path in what you’ve heard

Success won’t come from your skill set, obedience is your best bet

Lord, despite the fact that I’ve been stalling, Your voice is still sweetly calling

I now release my own control, of what I have and where I go

I give myself into Your hand, where ever You lead, over sea or land

To speak Your word and do Your will, where ever I go You’re with me still

Attending to the inward things, with grace that true contentment brings

To cultivate and shape my life, to prune my sin, as with a knife

Called to serve, and qualified, adventure: God! it’s quite the ride

By Justin Ogden



Copyright July 21, 2017

I’ve Been Waiting

​When God is ready to use someone for His purposes

I’ve been waiting for this moment, a tool to use, here in My hand

To be willing for My will, following My one command

Willing, ready, for the moment, when the need arises there

Whenever there is opposition, be My tool then, if you dare

Change a heart and change a story, thus we will see good be done

Thus I would redeem a nation, if My people prayed as one

In all things to bring Me glory, for your good, I’m working now

Impossible, but I can do it, trust Me, for I know just how

It’s surprising what can happen, when I utter just a word

People think they have Me cornered, but I can fly just like a bird

Their little box cannot hold Me, the pot, it’s potter tries to mold

Watch me work and give Me glory, new mysteries I will unfold

By Justin Ogden



Copyright July 15, 2017

The Look of Lust

​A critical look at lusts claim to provide satisfaction

God can see the secret place we’re hiding in behind the door

When lustful thoughts rule our heart, our consciences cry out no more

Abusing this, God’s joyful gift, our marriage vows they try to break

Relationships become an image, an idol of our self we make

On the edge of the abyss, the sirens sing their song of love

While God’s hand reaches down, and calls to us from up above

Satisfaction is so fleeting, when the source is just a myth

But there’s one you should be holding, where you’re known by who you’re with

The Father reads on every page, He knows our heart just like a book

Take discipline that He provides, He shapes our life with just a look

A look into the book of life, spend some time He’ll meet you there

Satisfaction you’ve been wanting, He has much that He will share

Contentment with His grace and healing, restores our heart just like before

Close this chapter, start a new one, hide behind that door no more

Relationships with one another, messy though they sometimes be

Shape our lives and give God glory, His handiwork we then will be

Our purpose is not found in pages, where we have to hide to look

But we have the words of life, that we can share from God’s own book

Be not ashamed to tell His story, draw the picture of God’s grace

Let them see God’s work within us, point them to His holy face.

By Justin Ogden



Copyright July 15, 2017

The Daily Walk

A description of the Christian life

In the stillness, I can hear You, walking softly by my side 

Wanting me to know You more, with You now I will abide

As You whisper to my spirit, all my hopes are coming true

You’ve become my open door, to everything I never knew

Looking for my life direction, with You daily I will meet 

You align priorities, to meet the needs of those I greet

Serving God and fellow man, what greater causes could I seek 

Character is my first cost, correct my life now as You speak

Seeking for my own forgiveness, can’t forget the wrong I’ve done 

Trying to erase my sin, by sacrifice my cause You’ve won

Seek You only ever true, seek You always first each day 

Meet You daily in the silence, seek to know Your word and way 

God walks with me through the darkness, He’s the one true source of light 

To others blinded by their scales, through me He can give them their sight

Resting in the peace God gives me, comfort from my every fear 

The battle rages on without me, as His spirit draws me near

Worshiping His presence with us, Spirit moving freely too 

He’s calling us to follow faithful, do what we have seen Him do

Heal the hurting, mend the broken, reach out now to find the lost 

Feed the hungry, own the orphan, suffer gladly, count the cost

By Justin Ogden


Copyright March 25, 2017

Naomi’s Blessing

Ruth 1:9, 16-18; 4:17

Urge me not to leave you now, or keep from following you

For where you go, I will go, and I will lodge there too

Your people have become my own, your land has turned to mine

Your God has captured my own heart, I’ve told Him “I am thine”

I’ll be beside you all your days, until your final day

I’ll save a place beside you there, and that is where I’ll lay

Naomi’s blessing, fitly given, provides a home, as said

And for herself gets tears of joy, as she now holds Obed

By Justin Ogden


Copyright February 18, 2017

I’ve Been Changed

​I’ve always thought what’s done is done, what’s lost is lost, what’s won is won

Old dogs can’t learn new tricks at all, won’t like the cat or chase the ball

I’ve always known once minds are set, that changing them is one bad bet

Once people have their minds all made, their sentiments they rarely trade

“But God,” they say, had other plans, rewrote my script with sovreign hands

Called my name till He broke through, that sin I was addicted to

The things I had, I wanted not, how could I cleanse this sinful sot

Confessing all the wrong I’d done, God told me that the fight was won

That day He turned my heart to see, the truth that Jesus died for me

He paid the price for all my wrong, and now can fill my life with song

My mind was opened to the Way, that I could come to Him today

And all I had to do today, was take the terms of life His way

Commit myself to Christ right now, before His throne each day I bow

Believe He is who I can be, and ask His help so I can see

Recant my sinful ways each day, and seek out others who will say

Our God is great, our God is good, His glory seek, we always should

Then like an eager, restless boy, traded my sorrow for His joy

In His hand His goodness brings, I’ve traded Him for all His things

Now released from all my pain, to praise His holy, matchless name

Life has changed from night to day, I follow now His narrow way

My sails are trimmed, I’m tacking to, the star that I now have in view

Against the wind I make my course, seeking God who is my source

God leads us walking on the waves, our humble hearts he holds and saves

Invites us to come walk with Him, to walk by faith, not take a swim

His children have His great reward, all others reap His judgment sword

He will provide for all I need, the helpless hungry I will feed

Returning soon, He’s coming fast, the things I have on earth won’t last

So tell our friends and neighbors true, this love from God it is for you

Invite them while the offer’s good, we care for them, it’s right we should

The Lord will draw His chosen ones, and call them to be daughters, sons

The children of the mighty King, will always of His glory sing

And God will take them to the sky, in heaven forever, by and by

By Justin Ogden

Copyright October 13, 2016