You may request a customized poem for a special occasion, a special person, or both. It could be a wedding or a funeral, for someone fighting cancer or for a special recognition or appreciation. Your poem might describe the bright hopes you have for your graduate, the commitment you have for your spouse, the value you place in your pastor, the history within your family traditions, or the strengths of a loved one who has passed All poems will have a spiritual theme and have references to biblical truth built into the poem. We can also attempt to write the lines within a basic simple shape, such as a circle, a cross, or a letter. This would enable custom framing of the finished piece.

The verses of the poem will be generated from the information you provide about the person or the event. It is helpful if you have an outline in mind for the flow of the poem you are requesting. A longer poem will require more background information. Remember that writing is a creative task. The time required for it and the results of it cannot be accurately predicted.

Cost for the poem will be $2 per rhyming couplet, or per line. Requests for shaping the poem or using specific words in the poem will cost a bit more, and can be discussed in person when we contact you. Poems will require several hours of time to complete, and must be worked into our schedule. Special consideration will be given to funeral poem requests due to their short timelines.