Naomi’s Blessing

Ruth 1:9, 16-18; 4:17

Urge me not to leave you now, or keep from following you

For where you go, I will go, and I will lodge there too

Your people have become my own, your land has turned to mine

Your God has captured my own heart, I’ve told Him “I am thine”

I’ll be beside you all your days, until your final day

I’ll save a place beside you there, and that is where I’ll lay

Naomi’s blessing, fitly given, provides a home, as said

And for herself gets tears of joy, as she now holds Obed

By Justin Ogden

Copyright February 18, 2017

Through Death’s Dark Door

Facing down the reaper’s face, he’s come to take his rightful place
For end of life has come again, and this time to my family’s clan

The sadness comes in crashing waves, but I still know that Jesus saves

My friend is gone, I cannot speak, once more to kiss her rosy cheek

She’s moved into the great beyond, her earth-bound flesh no more responds

All appearance points to loss, some think that death has won the toss

It seems so sure, there’s no way out, the final blow has come, no doubt

The reaper reaches for the door, that ushers into evermore

But strange, a peace sweeps over me, like Someone’s there I cannot see

From death’s dark door the light peeks through, it lights my way to come to You 

The path from here gets brighter still, and I now see a holy hill

Lined with friends from days gone by, and there’s my Savior, lifted high

With worship sounding round His throne, up here I’ll never be alone

A higher life in Him I’ve found, unspeakable glories here abound

I urge you, come and meet me here, where glory shines and all is clear

Eternal hope and usefulness, incomprehensible, the bliss

By Justin Ogden

Copyright February 13, 2017

Called to be Oogie’s Wife

Darlene told a friend that she believed her calling was to be Oogie’s wife

Mom believed God was leading you:

Believing God was leading you, to do the things He called you to

She took the chance to be a part, of something that could change the heart

of children there within her reach, or strangers walking on the beach

by living Christianity, for those around to hear and see

and often as she’s helping you, she’d use the skills God gave her too

Where ‘ere you go she’s by your side, together face what ‘ere betide

She followed with you all this time, faithful to stay right in line

Countless lives you’ve touched, and may, be her reward up there today

Mom believed God was leading her:

Her guiding hand and saving grace made our home a saving place

Protect her family, do what’s right, her goal was always shine the light

She team taught us in Sunday School, fun in learning was the rule

Her goal was always help you in, what you were moved to do within

Believed you needed godly kids, who knew God’s ways and what He did

Her life was filled with simple things, happiness and what it brings

Planting gardens, soccer games, reading books and tending flames

She took the life that she’d been given, fought the fight, then moved to heaven

By Justin Ogden

Copyright January 29, 2017

Called to Preach

A cautious imagination of what God might say to a man that He has called to preach, based on the scripture.

It’s in that quiet moment that no one else can hear,

the voice of God is speaking, He holds and draws you near

It’s His purpose He’s revealing, for what He made you for,

and put you in this place to walk right through that door

It’s clear, distinct direction to follow all your life,

freedom not from conflict, freedom not from strife

My Spirit lives inside you, I’m calling you to be,

a spokesman of My message, a worshipper of Me

My calling on your life I place, to serve Me till you’re old,

and preach My word fearlessly, be confident and bold

My words will source your teaching they’ll guide your steps each day,

point others to salvation to walk the narrow way

My son, regard the scriptures, for they are truth to you,

discerner of intentions, of all you say and do

The Word is most supreme of all, it is My living will,

blessed is the man whose life is guided by it still

The Word reveals My heart to man and what I love the most,

showing forth My glory and a man who doesn’t boast

The Word tells man the penalty for breaking perfect law,

a sinner’s substitution, without a single flaw

The Word proclaims My judgement, it’s coming without fail,

those of faith will dress in white, in truth I will prevail

The Word contains the covenant of all that I will do,

a treasure that is waiting in heaven just for you

Give counsel to the searching, conviction to the weak,

instruction for the straying, and strength unto the meek

Give comfort to the weary, My rest for them today,

be healing to the wounded, My words to them you’ll say

Give blessing to the faithful, I called and they obeyed,

I’ll reward them greatly on My wedding day

Give gracious words of warning to those who know Me not,

inviting them to come, confess, and cleanse their every spot

Be caring for the hurting, protector of the fold,

keeping all the body pure as to My truth they hold

Be light upon the way for those who want to seek Me here,

in the place I’ve called you to, where I seem so near

Be no stallwart to their sinful ways, but beckon them beyond,

My truth will light their way and My word becomes their bond

By Justin Ogden

Copyright August 1, 2016

Losing a Mom

Father God,

May Your presence be felt, may Your Spirit be near, may Your strong hands uphold us, and take away fear

Be unto us like the mother we had, and shelter us under Your wings like our dad

Our mighty protector, provider, You are, so loving and tender, You’re our guiding star

We know that she’s now in a much better place, she’s singing and dancing, and her eyes see Your face

Our mom’s just a picture of Your love for us, relentless, unfailing, she’s one that we trust

Now then we must be relying on You, believe what You say, and trust what You’ll do

You care for us more than our parents ‘ere could, help us to give You our lives like we should

Our future is Yours, to bring glory to You, Your plan is to use us and make us brand new

So touch all the lives around me today, may I love them enough and show them Your way

Like mom did for me, let me share with those, and point them to Jesus through this line of prose

By Justin Ogden

Copyright May 1, 2016

Guardian Hearts

Title copied from Major Max Geron’s article, “Reflections by a Dallas police officer.” 
In response to shootings of police officers around the nation

Faithful men together serve, protecting us, they have the nerve

Facing down what we would not, sometimes they have to fire a shot

Desire to help and lend a hand, put on the shield and take a stand

Punish crime and do what’s right, they’re serving late into the night

Pursuing justice at all costs, praying zero lives are lost

Their families love and wish their best, on those who daily don the vest

Their hope’s reborn with each new day, that they will make it through the fray

Their loved ones can’t with certainty, know they’ll come back home to be

Their father, mother, husband, wife, that they have known most all their life

They daily dread that phone call, brief, officer down, they’re left with grief

Out on patrol, they do their best, to be alert for each behest

Supermen and women too, all take the heat for what they do

Accountable to every one, for all their battles, lost or won

No secret foe that they can’t meet, while they’re walking on their beat

Good examples that they are, impact lives both near and far

The hope we had back years ago, is melting like a lava flow

It seems this world is headed down, from peace to war, it’s dying frown

God’s law today is worthless to, those who want to take from you

Protect us now from worthless men, who hate their fathers, not their sin

Their rebellion eggs them on, they reject God’s only Son

The call comes in and out they go, how will it end, they do not know

When threats exist they man their post, it’s public safety they want most

Protecting all who come their way, no matter what they have to say

When others freeze, they will respond, they give their best, their word’s their bond

Facing down both gun and knife, giving life for valued life

By Justin Ogden

Copyright July 1, 2016

One Good Word


One good word is yours to say, to help a friend along their way

A chosen sound that leaves your lip, to help them when they’ve hit a dip

To you, it’s really no big deal, but to them, it’s very real

Words have power, that’s evident, to our mouths that power is lent

Mental blocks are swept away, by what we tell ourselves today

Our words will impact others here, and often times we speak them dear

And other times in anger rent, it takes much work to mend and splint

But sometimes, just a single word, can mend a heart and change what’s heard

Attitudes get worse or improve, based on what we would behoove

Choices, like the things we say, can impact others every today

So if you meet a hurting soul, give a word like a dinner roll

Choose them wisely, keep them brief, and they won’t bring you too much grief

Change a heart; change a life, words can put an end to strife

So be the picture of God’s grace, speak His word and seek His face

For our time is limited, that good word starts inside your head

So think of things both true and just, and speak them when you may, you must

And watch the fruit that your words bear, they’ll be your reward up there

And one day when you’re down and out, and all you want to do is pout

All the words you’ve given away, will come back to your heart to stay

Outlook altered, motivation, we’re acting like we’ve had vacation

One good word, encouragement

Unto you the power is lent

By Justin Ogden

Copyright August 12,2016

Worship Prayer #2

Oh, Father God, we humbly bow, our sinful hearts before You now

Reward the time we’ve spent this week in pursuit of your holy word

Discovering new insights in Your truth, and holy longings to pursue them

Clear our minds to meditate thoughtfully on Your precepts 

Free us from distraction by earthly things, which always seek to take Your place

Remove our thoughts of self, with its dreams, ambitions and drives 

Give us the space and time to hear Your still small voice

May we concern ourselves with God being glorified, not ourselves being satisfied

Today, may our mouths be opened to bring You praise

May our mouth be opened to bring You confession of our sin

May our eyes be opened to see Your manefest presence moving among us

And as we gather together as Your temple of living stones

May Your Holy Spirit enable us to honor You, love You, and obey Your voice

As You cleanse us with the coals from Your altar, may we go in Your name

And serve in humility and love, following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son

By Justin Ogden

Copyright November 12,2016

Worship Prayer #1

Our holy God, we gather here, our sinful hearts your cleansing need

Confessing we are filled with pride, with evil motives, thoughts and deeds

But You are holy, awesome God, forgiving, Lord, You love us much

You cleanse those who before You bow, humbly request Your loving touch

We will obey Your holy word, turn sinners to your holy ways

Thus purified, with coals of fire, Your name now we lift in praise 

The Son of God exalt today, we lift Your glory high

Make much of You, the risen Lamb, Your soon return is nigh

You reach down here to where we are and walk with us each day

Your mercy’s not what we deserve, but You have made a way

We pray to You for You know all, You have a plan and work all things

Submit ourselves to Your design, Your glory’s what it always brings

Accept our worship, hands held high, we’re trusting in Your name

We trust You Lord, You never change, You’ve always been the same

By Justin Ogden

Copyright November 6,2016