Trust Me

​Faith in God means trusting Him completely

Do I trust in what God says, do I think His word is true?

Does He really work to bring all the things He’s promised to?

Can God juggle all the things, which I’ve balanced on my plate?

Can He keep all my plates spinning, never let me arrive late?

My trust in God is my own proof, that He’ll do just what He says

God protects and pulls us through, and He’ll provide for us what’s best

Now can I trust Him with my life, each day rely on His supply?

Yes, it’s called abundant living, upon His care I will rely 

By Justin Ogden

Copyright May 27, 2017

Rain Down

The ground is dry around my feet, so tired of working, need to rest

To meet my needs, I’m trying hard, still I do not have God’s best

It seems I’m fruitless where I am, this field I’ve worked, it shows no life

Oh, the joy, when God was leading, constant joy, not endless strife

Lord, today I’m finally asking, what is it we’re missing now?

Show us what we need to fix, as before Your throne we bow

We’ve checked all of our little boxes, but we haven’t seen You move

We feel like a baseball team, who hasn’t got a single glove

My little children, you’re relying, on a method cast in stone

But I work through something better, it relies on flesh and bone

Through My children I am working, bringing glory to My Name

Reaching to the world beyond them, loving everyone the same

Renew your time with Me alone, seek Me as a hidden jewel

Time in silence helps to sharpen, effectiveness just like a tool

I’ll tell you what your thoughts should be, and all the words that you should say

I’ll guide your feet along your path, to touch each one you meet today

The way of life is not a method, that you write inside a book

Not a thing that you can fix, like you could hang it on a hook

The life I give is through the vine, you must be connected there

The difference is from night to day, you’ll have strength enough to spare

Love for God is your first duty, let it come authentically

Read My word and it will cleanse you, fill your mind so you can see

Keep Me first in time and honor, witness through your actions true

Your reward is now awaiting, its amount depends on you

Love yourself enough to serve Me, Who could bring you more reward?

Now for meaning you are searching, fear has tied you, cut the cord

Hesitation makes you lose out, on what I could do with you

Reaching people, with the message, that I really love them too

Be the hand that cares to reach them, touching them right where they are

Be the mouth that speaks to teach them, leads their minds to think and spar

Be the feet that want to go to, just the place you need to be

Be the eyes that catch the vision, share with them so they can see

Be the tree beside the water, daily from its river draw

All you need is new each morning, resourced to live out your call

Walk with Me along the way, then step out onto the wave

Give your all into My hand, watch Me work and see Me save

Noah built the ark by faith, in the desert filled with sin

though he had not seen the rain, he trusted Him Who reigns within

My fruitfulness depends on God, He uses whom He has prepared

He plants my feet where He is working, and bids me join Him if I dare

The prophet called out to dry bones, the God of Life calls to His own

Trust Me when you cannot see, I control the seed that’s sown

In the darkness, you don’t see Me, walking with you through the storm

As the rain begins to pour, we walk together arm in arm 

By Justin Ogden

Copyright April 27, 2017

Following God’s Call

From the first day of creation, God’s work is plainly seen, 

through all the plants and animals, with rain, it all turned green

Mankind was the best thing that God had ever made, 

redemption’s plan at this point was already laid

His calling is immutable unto His own elect, 

and with them He will build His church, a humble, holy sect

His calling is upon those who know and serve Him well, 

they all submit to suffer, the gospel thus to tell

My life to give in service, devoted to my King, 

all my talents focused on the praises I will bring

For His path is higher than what I see from here, 

and His love is deeper, it always draws me near

Opportunities that I have are given from above, 

just to show to someone else the greatness of His love

To bring to someone’s mind, to reach into the dark, 

and ignite a ready soul who’s looking for a spark

Push me out from my comfort zone, to where You’re working now, 

Your spirit works in wondrous ways and I can’t explain how

Your holy name be lifted high and we will bring You praise, 

You write our names upon Your hands, You number all our days

You vanquish all Your enemies who fall at just Your word, 

Your eye is on the sparrow, the flight of one small bird

Sharing with a baker about the living bread, 

keeping truth succinct enough to get inside his head

Loving those who know not love and sharing Your great plan, 

helping them to understand the gulf Your grace did span

For our sin has fixed a gulf, beyond which we can’t go, 

but Your truth has been revealed, the love of God we know

By Justin Ogden

Copyright August 30, 2016

The Daily Walk

A description of the Christian life

In the stillness, I can hear You, walking softly by my side 

Wanting me to know You more, with You now I will abide

As You whisper to my spirit, all my hopes are coming true

You’ve become my open door, to everything I never knew

Looking for my life direction, with You daily I will meet 

You align priorities, to meet the needs of those I greet

Serving God and fellow man, what greater causes could I seek 

Character is my first cost, correct my life now as You speak

Seeking for my own forgiveness, can’t forget the wrong I’ve done 

Trying to erase my sin, by sacrifice my cause You’ve won

Seek You only ever true, seek You always first each day 

Meet You daily in the silence, seek to know Your word and way 

God walks with me through the darkness, He’s the one true source of light 

To others blinded by their scales, through me He can give them their sight

Resting in the peace God gives me, comfort from my every fear 

The battle rages on without me, as His spirit draws me near

Worshiping His presence with us, Spirit moving freely too 

He’s calling us to follow faithful, do what we have seen Him do

Heal the hurting, mend the broken, reach out now to find the lost 

Feed the hungry, own the orphan, suffer gladly, count the cost

By Justin Ogden

Copyright March 25, 2017

Ironing Board Lessons #1

Moms Life Lessons – Remembrances from growing up years

I learned to serve by watching mom, she’d smooth the clothes out with her palm

Spray the midst to wet them down, iron them flat, no wrinkles now

Each seam deserved her special care, through tireless work she had no airs

While I sat there upon the couch, she’d iron, and sometimes she’d say, ouch

The steam was hot and did its part, when it’s unplugged, the iron went dark

Though we’d survive with wrinkles, yes, she wanted us to look our best

Serving us was just her joy, it was good to be her boy

Exasperated all the while, she walked with me another mile

I never asked her why she worked, night and day, and never shirked–

But love always does those things, which show love, no glory brings

Selfless deeds done all for love, will be rewarded up above

By Justin Ogden

Copyright December 1, 2015

Finding Your Mate

The love I give your mother, makes you feel safe inside

And helps us build a godly home, where love can then abide

For love is sacrifice of self, that meets the other’s need

And proves that they’re more valuable, by our own word and deed

Give great consideration to choose your lifelong mate

Note character deficiencies when you go on a date

Little things that you might miss can grow to cause you pain

So search them out, find them now, their loss will be your gain

By Justin Ogden

Copyright January 15, 2015

My People

Based on 2 Chronicles 7:12-18

If My people, those I’ve called, who bear My name although they fall

I lift them up and bear them through, make their steps both sure and true

When they humbly seek My face, and rest here in My warm embrace

If they’ll come to Me and pray, and spend some time with Me each day

Pursue their sinful ways no more, act like those who know the Lord

From heaven’s throne I’ll hear their cry, and reslent from all My might 

I will forgive the wrong they’ve done, through payment from My only Son

Their sin is cleansed, their judgements cease, their land can then return to peace

Bring healing and restore them to, the place of blessing they once knew

So faithful to the Lord remain, and all His ways do not disdain

For His eyes see every heart, and your thoughts, He knows each part

Obey each day and seek His face, confess your wrong, give sin no place

But seek reward from His right hand, and have some courage like a man

His strength He gives on your request, to live for Him and do what’s best

My people know Me, speak my tongue, work to make My will be done 

By Justin Ogden 

Copyright March 15, 2017

New Life

Celebrating life with the ministry of pregnancy resource centers

From the beginning it ever was, Life itself was never born

Always existed as Creator, from His hand the world was formed

According to His master plan, before all time, created we

In the image of the Godhead, of His Son He made us be

Product of a parent’s oneness, joy they can bring to our heart

Through the path of life’s decisions, the joy they bring is just the start

With value not in gold or silver, their personhood is more than that

Their value is what the Maker gave, the price He paid is where it’s at

Our value, it just can’t compare, to anything we have down here

Our lives are spent seeking His face, our purpose is to just draw near

The value of a life that’s given, up for God’s abundant use

Is a life that’s worth the living, with treasure we will never lose

The life of Jesus is the template, for what our children could achieve

If our faith is strong enough to show to them how to believe

Obedience to His command is just the path that we must go

Follow Him whate’er the cost, commitment to God we will show

One holy Child came to this world, His Father’s will to simply do

His mission to redeem the lost ones, reached out in love and He saved you

One life that’s given to the Maker, what then would He now create

A heart of praise unto the Father, a gift of love and not of hate

By Justin Ogden

Copyright March 9, 2017

Easter Morn

Easter morn, the hours drag by, our minds are full of fear; our world has quickly crumbled, where do we go from here?

what a dreadful day this is, oh God, how could this be; our people killed the son of God, upon a rugged tree

upon that tree, before us all, they raised Him up to die; and hung Him there, till noon….then darkness filled the sky

but we all fled, too scared to see, what would befall Him then; racked with sadness and despair, how strong we wished we’d been

all alone, our fear now rules this place we’re hiding in; throwing memories in our face, of our abiding sin

the devil now, he weaves his tale, he whispers in our ear; “Didn’t Jesus promise, to conquer all your fear?

did He trick you with His words, cause you to trust in Him; all His talk of wind and birds, how God provides for them?

forget Him now, His life is done, the trick he played is o’er; there’s money still in fishing, your nets can catch some more

to really live, just follow me, and I will give you more; just trust me, and you’ll have one day, the things that you’ll adore.”

The things that Jesus told us, we hadn’t figured out; the plan He had, we couldn’t see, we just heard Peter’s mouth

the miracles were glorious, they sure did set the stage; to hear Him teach while He was here, but now we’ve turned the page

we couldn’t see how it made sense, this ending that we had; our Cornerstone was missing now, and everything looked bad

By early morn, the sorrow still hung on every face; but glad the soldiers had not found our darkened hiding place

the women took their spices to the garden where He lay; as they walked they wondered, and then they spoke to say

“Who will move the stone for us, it’s heavy and it’s big; and we did not bring any tool with which we all could dig

we’ll trust the Lord to help us, and show to us the way; that’s what we’ve done in troubled times, let’s stop and bow to pray.”

The early dawn did light their way, a cry, they stopped, what for? the sun shown through the cloud bank, on the tomb, the open door

they covered up their mouth, the stone was rolled away; and all could see that His body was not there today

saddened by the thought, that they took Him from their sight; the pain and tears just added more sadness to their plight

Mary stood there weeping, she really loved Him so; the others sensed her need to grieve, so they turned to go

just to hear His gentle voice, what I wouldn’t give; power, love and joy He gave, that we might really live

His life He gave, and those He touched, He healed us from within; and now alone, we carry on, struggling hard within

to see His plan, what should we do, where do we go from here? His shoe is now upon our foot, how could He seem so near?

Oh, the gardner, he should know, “Where did they move Him hence?” Jesus simply called her name and watched for her to wince

“Mary,” Jesus said to her, and now she saw Him clear; “Hold not to me, but go and tell my brothers I Am here.”

come meet me up in Galilee, in our old stomping ground; we’ll talk about what happens next, when you all gather round

walking ten feet off the ground, now Mary hurried on; for the Son had risen, and it was no longer dawn!

once inside their hiding place, the truth she boldly shared; that Jesus now was risen, He had spoken to her there

at first they would believe her not, for they had seen Him die; but the power of her words convinced some they should try

what if what she said was true, what if it was so? after death, could He live now, and melt their hearts like snow?

“I’ll take the chance”, said Peter, as he hurried out the door; “I’ll see if He’s come back, to lead us now, once more.”

we traveled on together, the two of us were fleet; those years we spent with Jesus, they were awesome, yes, and sweet

the confidence He gave us and the stories that He told; telling others of our savior, to witness, we were bold

as we approached the garden we were both on high alert; watching for the soldiers and their footprints in the dirt

but the tomb was standing wide, an empty place to see; and inside, John said, “The cloth! The place where He should be!”

then the angel on the stone, said “Jesus told you so; the living aren’t among the dead, that’s something you should know.”

The road was long, our feet were tired, the sandals hurt our feet; around the bend we saw a man, a stranger we did meet

all the events of the last week had really worn us down; that is why we thought it strange, His face, it had no frown

as we talked, the words He said sure stimulated us; He made us think more deeply, to generate some trust

it was His new perspective that warmed our ailing hearts; it seems we were short sighted, put the horse behind the cart

from the word, the truth He drew, that pointed out the way; that Jesus had to suffer, die, and pay for sin that way

we wanted to hear more of this, and urged Him to come in; and sitting there around the meal, saw Jesus once again!

He lifted up the broken the bread, and called to God in prayer; just like Jesus – it was Him! I saw Him standing there!

then from our sight He vanished, but to our hearts was true; we ran back to the city, that’s what we had to do; 

the others had just heard themselves, His tomb was open wide; we all knew what had happened, He lives although He died!

He is alive, and living, in our hearts as you can see; and that means all is well, no matter what, for you and me

If man can’t kill Him, nothing else can stop us now, we know; that God has power to do things that man cannot, now go

and tell it now, shout it out, for all who now will hear; that our savior Jesus Christ is coming back, let’s cheer! 

By Justin Ogden

Copyright March 17, 2016

My Offense

My dear offense, how well you guard me, keep me from the Master’s use

My attitude is often raw, see, for I suffer much abuse

Quick to tell me when I’m faulted, faithful as a friend you are

Lest I stray from your control, you never leave the door ajar

You safely keep me, blanket wrapped, in my cocoon and unaware

Of drawing on abundant living, and all that I could richly share

You guard my heart from all the knowledge, that God sends from up above

And all the help I could provide, if I’d let others feel my love

I often wish I could draw nearer, nearer to the God I love

Wishing I could see His likeness, like the angels up above

One day soon I might be able, unlock this fortress door of mine

Step into the light of day, and sit down with the Lord to dine

That old offense has many reasons why I shouldn’t go outside

But I see the Son is shining, that’s the place I should abide

As I lift my hands to praise, I see a fist and not a palm

God, unclench my weary fingers, heal me with Thy heavenly balm

Offense has held me long enough, my heart is yearning to be free

God’s power frees me from my fortress, offense has been my enemy

Now I see that I’ve been failing, to conform to God’s command

Obedience will bring me near Him, and to trust His mighty hand

Jesus’ warmth is bathing over me, welcomes me to my new world

Fear’s control is but a memory, I see the Master’s plan unfurled

Now I’m free to do His bidding, useful am I in God’s hand

Giving to the body strength, exhorting them to take a stand

Pour into the lives of others, ministry with great appeal

Enabled to fulfill my calling, serve the Lord with lots of zeal

Disciple making’s now a passion, the Spirit’s work is fresh and new

My quiet time is filled with power, what God controls He does imbue

I’ve repurposed that old door, no longer focused on myself 

Put offense into the fortress, put my pride up on the shelf

I rarely ever go to visit, don’t have a need for them at all

Living life up to the max, with Jesus daily life’s a ball

By Justin Ogden & Bev McColluch

Copyright February 26, 2017